1. T 2 years ago

    Hi David / Marcos

    I like the Switch a lot and it is a good defensive option as well against a rugby / tackle pass but from a tackle pass position I seem to have few offensive / sweeping options with it.

    Do you have a video / idea what to do from there?


    • Author
      David 2 years ago

      Well this technique shown by Marcos gives you the back, so that is a strong reversal. In addition, if you search for Switch there are a bunch of videos on it. Plus I have my course, the Switch Series, that covers everything Switch related, including submissions from the Switch.

  2. T 2 years ago

    Thanks David. I actually own the Switch series but am looking for a solution to a slightly non-standard position where my legs (bottom player) are not on the same side of the opponent as in the standar Switch but trapped underneath his body with my feet looking out the opposite side of his body. This commonly happens in a pressure passing situation where the top guy tackle passes or over under passes.

    As the bottom player I can then still get the arm into the Switch position which effectively stops the pass but with the legs trapped underneath the guy I seem to have limited attacking options.

    Not easy to explain in words only but if you have any intel on how to deal with that, I would appreciate it!

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