No AccessI have heard this position go by many names over the years. Octopus Guard, Cat Dog, and Over Wrap to name a few. However, I played around quite a bit with this position well before hearing of these, and I called it the Reverse Seat Belt. Why? It is kind of like the Wrestling Seat Belt (or the Dog Fight position in BJJ terms), where there is a deep waist tie with both people's torsos tight together - just facing opposite directions instead of the same (hence reverse). Let's not get stuck on names though. I find this position a great tool, especially if your guard isn't great. If you are getting passed a lot, it is a simple thing to work into this reverse seat belt position and change the battle, as most people are not too familiar with working this position. One of the simplest ways of using the Reverse Seat Belt (RSB) is to apply a hip bump sweep. I'll post up quick and drive into them, getting them to shift their base and collapse their knees a little closer together, then pop my hips up and over to score the quick sweep. This doesn't always work, particularly if they have a strong base, but it will set up a series of attacks we can go into next. One thing to keep in mind from this position whenever you sweep is that you will very often score a complete reversal - meaning they will finish in the reverse seat belt. The last thing you want is to get swept with the same position you just swept with. So I do my best to quickly cut under and score a crossface after sweeping, so I end the game and get a strong top position.

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