No AccessThe first finish from the TV finish is to take the back. Another simple attack to counter your opponent's most common reaction to being put into the bottom TV. The back take is composed of a few steps. First, sliding your knee under their hip (or if you can get your hook in early, even better). Second, throw your outside hook in. Third, switch your hands controlling their wrist. Fourth, sit up and put your chest square on their back as you weave for the choke - looking to hook their far shoulder close to their neck. Finally, roll your hips to face the ceiling to release your bottom leg to get the final hook (if you didn't get it earlier). To finish the one arm choke, keep your hand hook tight to their neck as your elbow drags over their other shoulder. Your choking arm shoulder should be leaning in towards the back of their head to help create push pressure from behind, and your other hand controlling their wrist should be pulling it in tightly towards you (to prevent them from turning into the choke).

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