No Access#TrueTalkTuesdays 3 One of the sayings that bother me is, "You can't teach heart." In my mind that is total BS. For one, it's saying that toughness is essentially a genetic trait. That seems counterintuitive to me based on experience and the fact that it is a behavior not so much a physical trait somebody possesses. Behaviors are learned. While you can make a case that certain behaviors occur more easily towards certain people based on their ancestry (cough Russians cough), even then the ancestors had to learn the behavior in order to pass it down to their offspring. An example we can talk about is dog fighting. Let me say loudly that I do not support dog fighting in any way, shape, or fashion. I'm only using it as an example as it is relevant to this topic. There's an expression in dog fighting called gamebred, which means it's a dog that has been bred specifically for fighting - usually descending from champion dogs. Pit bulls (a loose term to describe varieties of bull terriers) are dogs that have been trained to be highly aggressive. It is often in a cruel fashion that trainers make dogs tough. They house them in hard conditions, beat them, starve them, etc. Some dogs never make it to there first show as they are tested and judged to see if they would be fit to fight. If they fail that test they're often abandoned or killed. Now you can make the argument here that when the dog failed the test, it was proof the dog wasn't born tough, which is why they let it go. Having coached and taught over a thousand students, I would argue that everybody responds to stimuli differently. This is going to be a mix of genetics and upbringing that make each individual different. You can have a pair of twins raised in the same household, with one twin who will become highly successful, and the other not. This just shows you that while genetics plays an important role, the upbringing of the individual is far more important. Visit to read the whole post.

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