No AccessWe all have faced that person who just doesn't know when to give up on the Guillotine Choke. They just hang on to your neck for dear life and despite all of your effort you cannot get them off. It can be really annoying! What if I told you that it can be more than just a nuisance but a fight ending position? In today's match review, I will be reviewing on of my student's matches, Devin Genchi. Devin is a Guillotine machine - having guillotined just about everyone he has faced. His claim to fame was the "Genchitine," which he debuted as a blue belt against a BJJ black belt and won within a minute. In this match though, he makes a few common mistakes with his Guillotine, but with his persistence he is able to make it work. Take a look and let me know your thoughts: Published with

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