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  1. Piotr Obminski 5 months ago

    Great stuff, but the .pdf ain''t working.

    • Author
      David 5 months ago

      I have tested it and seems to be working fine. What is the error message you are having?

    • Author
      David 5 months ago

      Keep in mind, the pdf has to be downloaded within the first two minutes of loading the page. If you try to download afterwards, it will not allow you. You will need to refresh the page and then download if that happens.

      • Piotr Obminski 5 months ago

        Thanx, it worked. (Not quite do I understand the reason for this pretty unusual solution, but no problem.)

        • Author
          David 5 months ago

          All of our downloadable files have this safety mechanism in place to prevent link sharing and allowing people without memberships to download. 🙂

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