You can use this search in several ways:

  1. Enter a term that you wish to search in the field below.
  2. Use the Technique Menu to find the technique you are looking for.
    • You can click on the arrow or the name to expand the menu.
    • You can select multiple check boxes to be very specific.
    • It will automatically check all the ancestors of the technique you choose. For example, if you navigate to Grappling > Mount > Top > Submissions and check Arm Bar, it will automatically check Grappling, Mount, Top, Submissions. This way it will only look for Arm Bar videos from the mount top position.
    • The search will only match videos that contain ALL terms and tags you have selected.
  3. You can combine both the search field and the technique menu to be very precise in your search.

To start search, just click the Search button below the technique menu.

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