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  1. Scott Macaulay 8 years ago

    do you not think pivoting on the left hook is more trouble than its worth. classic boxing form but this isn't boxing and you will see alot of boxers throw the left hook without the pivot. i think it opens you up for alot such as low kicks and shots. what you think?

    • Author
      David 8 years ago

      I think the key is not to cock-back too much (a tell and slowing down execution) or to over-rotate (slower recovery and possibly loss line of sight of opponent). But for a hook to have good power, you are going to have to rotate the lead leg. Otherwise it is going to be an arm punch and not have much power.

      As demonstrated in the video by Edir (the uke), he was efficient in his movement and didn't leave himself exposed to an easy counter attack. Of course, someone can always counter if they had good vision and in this case, perhaps use a low kick on the lead leg as the hook is executed.

      But this is true of any technique. It is why we true to set up combinations, use feints, body movement, etc.

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