Kimura Trap System Online



The Kimura Trap System Online Only Edition has over 10 hours of video that covers EVERYTHING you need to know about using the Kimura.

  • Learn how to counter double legs, single legs, body locks, and all sorts of take downs only using the Kimura
  • Smash your opponent's half guard using the Kimura and say no to the deep half
  • Learn the Super slick back take off the Kimura that will open your eyes to the power of the Kimura
  • Transition to arm bars, triangle chokes, bicep slicers, rear naked chokes, one arm chokes, and inverted triangles!
  • And much more!

Using this system has changed many peoples games and made them KTS believers. Are you ready to be the next one?

If you want the DVD Set with Online Access, click below:

KTS DVD Set with Online Access
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