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The Freestyle Fighting Academy is very excited to invite everybody to our celebration & Awards Banquet!

Previously, we only allowed current students to take part in the annual banquet... but this time we are extending invitations to everyone! If you aren't a student, this is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek into one of our most proud traditions. For non-students, if you are interested in joining our gym, it is a great way to see what sort of program you will be getting involved in - trust me, this is the most elegant and prestigious awards ceremony in the martial arts world!

And if you are a student, you should consider this a mandatory event - this is by far the most important event we have all year! If you haven't been to one before, ask a couple of veterans about this event, you really can't miss out on this! You will leave the event with renewed motivation, more pride about your team, and with a full stomach 🙂

The banquet is being held on Sunday, February 17th, at the Royal Ballrooms Banquet Hall - right above FFA. This year we will three separate banquets, one for the members of our Adult Martial Arts, one for our Women's Bootcamp, and a separate banquet for members of our Kids/Teen Program. The FFA Adult Martial Arts Banquet will start at 6:00pm and the Kids/Teens Banquet will start at 12pm.

The event is a formal event, so we ask all men to come in suit & tie and women with formal dress.

The banquet is special because it is the only time during the year that we hand out the promotions for our students. On top of the promotions, we also present special awards like the most dedicated, most improved, best fight, rookie of the year, M.V.P., etc. We also have a projector and show a power point presentation which goes over the history our gym, what we have accomplished in 2018, and our goals for 2019. 2018 was a great year with many great victories for the team.

Then at the end of the banquet, after some speeches from students and instructors, we display on the projector a highlight reel from all the fights and competitions of the year.

And on top of all the ceremony and speeches, we will also be served a FANTASTIC full course meal by the chefs of the Royal Ballroom and we'll have an OPEN BAR as well for the adults.

This event is a non-profit event. The fee to attend covers your plate and rental of the hall. The fee to attend is $39 for each adult and $39 for each child. Feel free to bring any friends or family.

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