FFA In-House Grappling Tournament 9/10/2022



FFA In-House Grappling Tournament

Saturday, September 10th starting at 1:00pm

Freestyle Fighting Academy
1434 SW 107th Avenue
Miami, FL 33174

Competition is one of the best ways of measuring yourself and getting the chance to learn really fast from real world experience. But, the tournament life is not for everyone. Big tournaments are usually far away, cost a lot of money, have very long wait times, and the match ups can be very unfair.

Worse case scenario: you end up paying over $100 to compete once after driving across the state and waiting 6 hours to compete against some sandbagging black belt and feel cheated.

That is the last thing I want for any of my students. So at FFA, we host an in-house grappling tournament that ensures the safety, fairness, and fun of tournaments without the rubbish!

Why is competing at FFA better than going to a local tournament?

  • Each competitor is guaranteed at least two matches as we use double elimination bracketing.
  • We follow NAGA rules for our No GI divisions
  • Divisions will be made by age, weight, and rank
  • All match ups will be made as fair as possible. No Sand Bagging!
  • Only a fraction of the price!
  • You get to compete inside a cage! No more going out of bounds. 🙂
  • As a spectator, you get to be right up on the cage watching the action - the best seats in the house! 


  • $29 for CAP/BBC
  • $39 for MMA
  • $49 For Non-Members
  • Free for Masters Club
  • $5 for Spectators!

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Non-Member, MMA Member, CAP/BBC Member, Master's Club Member, Spectator

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